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Post  Kyle on Tue May 05, 2009 11:56 am

Website Rules:
1. Spamming - We take spamming seriously. Do not post just two or three words, or only emotes in a topic. Make your posts meaningful to our forum. (Level 2)

2. Flaming - Flaming will not be tolerated at all. If you flame anyone there is a good record of it. (Level 1)

3. Player Modding - We understand that some players are trying to prove themselves becuase they want to be admins or moderators. But we are the staff, not you. Do not tell us when or why we need to do lock or delete things. (Level 1)

4. Website Attacks - Attacking our websites with spam, spam bots, or DDoS programs will not be tolerated! Our host has a very strict policy regarding attackers. If you DDoS our website you will be caught and pursued. (Level 4)

5. Advertising - Advertising for other servers or their websites is not permitted. (You may link to other websites in your signature though.) (Level 2)

Server Rules:
1. Staff Imitation - Do not make accounts trying to pose as a staff member. (Level 3)

2. Teaming - Multiple people attacking a single player, in Edgeville, is not allowed! (Level 1)

3. Advertising - Do not advertise for other servers, or their websites (Level 2)

4. Flaming - Do not flame other players (especially staff). Creating a new account to flame people will result in a ban rather than a mute. This goes for the staff members to. If they flame another player, and warns them for flaming them, They will get demoted. (Level 2)

5. Spamming - Do not repeatedly say the same thing over and over, spam symbols or random letters, or use auto talkers. (Level 2)

6. Autoing - Do not use any bots, auto talkers, macros, auto clickers, etc. (Level 1)

7. Illegal Character Names - Do not make accounts with symbols in the name such as "!@#$%^&*()_+", it will be deleted.

8. Cheating Clients - Do not use cheating clients, you will be caught and banned. (Level 4)

9. Crashing - Do not attempt to crash our server, you will be caught and banned. Your IP will e logged and you will be dealt with legally. (Level 4)

10. No Clipping - Do not no clip behind bank's or anywhere, you will be caught and warned. (Level 2)

11. Bug abuse - Do not abuse bug, Tell another staff member about them, If you use them, you will get caught and banned. (Level 3)

12. Threatening - Do not threat another player with "I will get you banned/I will get you warned" This way, you can get you're self warned. (Level 1)

13. Using Non-welcome words. Do not use Non-welcome words, Like the "N" Word or The "J" Word. (Level 3)

14. Special and run. PJing is allowed only after 10 sec, but not this. This is just stupid and not wanted. If you're going out on wilderness, then fight. Do not just be an asshole. (Level 1)

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Rules Explained. Empty Re: Rules Explained.

Post  sweetsimple on Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:36 pm

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